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Passionate, Professional and Obsessed

Learning to sing is easy, but what do you DO with it? Where do you take it from there? Talent.College exists to build bridges between your talent and your industry of choice. Combining practical skills with authentic, down-to-earth industry knowledge will see you making tremendous strides in your chosen pursuit and nothing is more rewarding than us hearing about students' success!

To this end, we offer a range of industry-based certificates in creative fields that cover singing, songwriting, performance and more, all directly from working professionals making a full-time living from their field of expertise. We offer our students a 5-star service with available help via email or appointment, to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our enrolled students. In addition, we have a monthly Q&A with Founder and Music Director, Josh Needhamoffering answers to those tough unique questions specific to your situation.


Premium Industry Instructors

Our team of highly respected and incredibly talented instructors are as passionate and dedicated as they come! Not just regular singers and songwriters, but some of the best in the business! Double-platinum selling artists, ARIA award nominees, touring artists, managers, producers, record label owners, music directors, emerging artists - we build complete overviews to give you the highest value possible and the greatest experience of online learning you'll find anywhere. Real, experience-based industry advice and knowledge, complete with practical step-by-step guides to get you out and doing what you love - what more could you ask for! 


Our Courses

Perhaps you consider yourself a beginner, or even advanced - whatever your level of experience - we have the right course for you! From our standalone, premium micro songwriter course, all the way to our top-of-the-line industry certificate - and for anything in between - rest assured we have you covered! You can choose whichever level you feel matches your situation best.

And if you decide simply to try our high value, compact beginner certificate, you can always upgrade to one of our gold or platinum advanced or industry courses later on and only ever pay the difference. All the while with complete peace of mind through our 100% money back guarantee. Ask one of our friendly team members to get in touch and discuss which course is right for you! 

Our Instructors

Daniel Kelaart

Erica Ascenzo

Jackson Thomas

Luna Vexa

Michael Stangel

Taylor Henderson

Joel Dowling



What Our Students Say About Our Courses

John Doe


Best vocal instruction ever! I can't find enough good things to say about the Industry Vocal course. It completely transformed how I use my voice.

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