Certificate in Music Production

Learn to produce your own songs or others’ directly from top industry working professionals and take your Music Production to the next level in just 8 weeks. All from the comfort of your home.

Far More Than Just Another Music Production Course, This Is What You've Been Waiting For!

Is your dream to become a successful Music Producer? Do you produce as a hobby but would like to improve? Whether you are a beginner or more intermediate producer, our industry-approved Music Production course has been carefully created to help YOU achieve your personal Music Producer goals. The Certificate in Music Production is jam-packed with everything you need, and more! Everything from the psychology of what makes a good song, capturing the emotion, recording techniques and plugins, all the way to mixing techniques, EQ, compression and dealing with clients – all with the option of one-on-one mentorship and industry guidance.

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Meet Your New Instructor
Joel Dowling

Sound engineer in headphones working and mixing music indoors in the studio.

Learn From Working Industry Professionals

Let this be the launching pad for your next chapter as a successful Music Producer. You’ll learn directly from other well known, highly qualified producers whilst engaging with our dynamic, self-guided online course with 6+ hours of premium video instruction, live student forums, curated assessments and much more.


A Course That Goes Beyond The Classroom

The course doesn’t stop at 8 weeks! We’ve also included our online and phone support program, as well as our option for 1-on-1 producer mentorship for ongoing industry guidance and training, well after your course is complete.

Take Your Music Production to the Next Level, From Home!

Unlike other Music Production courses and traditional classroom-based lessons that can cost thousands and take many years, our Certificate in Music Production is built by Pro Producers, for aspiring Producers! Highly practical and setting you up with rock-solid, professional foundations for sustained success, this high value, 100% online course will have you confidently making your own songs in just 8 weeks. Recognising your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (selective unit options for Ableton, Logic Pro X & ProTools) this course will empower you with the tools to amplify what makes your unique production style great. Whether you're a beginner or more intermediate producer, you’ll be learning directly from successful industry professional producers teaching you the correct methodology and sound principles, recording techniques and software instruction, as well as industry secrets and psychology of production success on your own or working with artists. Be your own Music Producer, making music from home (or your preferred studio), kick starting or breaking through to the next level in your own production style. This course is suitable for all.

  • Qualification

    ‘Certificate in Music Production’is a digital certificate endorsed by Industry partners: Music Victoria, Clique Records, Sing It Out Australia and Michael Stangel Management.

  • Duration

    The course is 8 weeks in duration (full time) and 16 weeks part time, but you have up to 6 months to complete the course with self-paced learning.

  • Delivery

    100% online with Live Master-classes available, premium instructional videos, online assessments, learning forums and the additional option of a LIVE online post-grad, one-on-one studio session with a professional producer working through a chosen studio session made by you.

  • Start Date

    Students start with us all year round so start when you’re ready!

  • Course Units (68)

    Setting Up Your Success
    4 modules
    What is Production?
    10 modules
    Recording Equipment
    7 modules
    DAW Overview (Choice of Ableton, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools)
    9 modules
    8 modules
    How To Build A Track
    10 modules
    Mixing Your Song
    9 modules
    The Mental Game
    10 modules
    Bonus: Where To From Here? Your Road Map For Production Success

  • Additional Inclusions

    • Detailed Instruction on Recording Techniques, Production Methods, Studio Performance, Working with Artists and much more from Beginners to Intermediate Producers
    • 80 x Included Instructional Videos with over 6+ hours of premium content featuring interviews, production lessons, recording techniques, performance tips for artists and more.
    • 1 year of Premium Access to our monthly ‘Zoom Student Sessions’ for networking & additional learning from Guest Industry Speakers including other Pro Producers, Artists, Singers, Managers, Publishers & APRA AMCOS representatives
    • Instant Access to our online community forum for additional student networking and FAQ’s
    • Online and Phone support with our friendly and professional service team
    • Digital Certificate of Completion transferred to students upon completion of course

  • Additional Bonus Inclusions

    Instant ongoing 20% Talent College student discount on all ongoing vocal, instrumental, in-studio and online classes with purchase of this course, PLUS exclusive access to discounted one-on-one, ongoing online sessions to analyse and continue to improve your workflow and songs with Pro Producers from around Australia. This also presents the possibility to receive job opportunities and/or other (paid) work with local artists directly from Talent College and from other working Pro Producers (based on performance and professional feedback received).

  • Course Assessment

    8 x online curated assessments to complete with targeted multiple choice, true/false and self-evaluation techniques for maximum learning outcomes and memory retention.

  • Payment Options

    Make your choice of $25, $50 or $100 p/week on any of our flexible interest-free payment plans.

    Upfront payments may receive an immediate additional discount and can be bundled with any of our other Industry-approved Music Certificates for additional discounts.

    Final option for Professional Producer review and analysis of one of your own unique sessions purchased separately to course purchase.

  • Not Sure If The Course Is Right For You?

    Why not speak with one of our enrolment team members to make sure you’re choosing the right course for you? And when you’re ready, start your course and be fully covered with our 100% money-back guarantee within the first 5 days of enrolment.

What can you expect to learn?

By committing to this course you can expect to emerge thoroughly prepared and empowered to build your career or hobby as a successful Music Producer from home OR in your preferred professional studio. The sky’s the limit with where this course can launch you. The topics encompass a broad range of unique teachings you won’t find elsewhere, like:

Song Structure

Capturing the Emotion

How/When Do You Charge?

Layering Elements

Mixing Your Song

Dynamics & EQ

Compression & Effects


Maximising Your Efficiency

Understanding the Industry

Consistent Income

Where to go from here?

and much more...

Meet Your New Instructor
Dan Kelaart

Career Outcomes

  • Music Producer
  • Recording Artist
  • Singer and Songwriter
  • Professional Musician
  • Musical Arrangements
  • Artist Management
  • Composer/Producer for Film / TV
  • Jingle Writer