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I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with me.

If I were to ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself, how would you answer? Pause for a second before reading on, and try to respond with a couple of sentences that do not involve work, family, or school. This is the first question that I ask every new student upon commencing…

Why Now is the Best Time You Could Ever Start a Music Career

Why now is the best time you could ever start a music career & the current social state of mind. You’ve been thinking about it for ages; what it would feel like finally be on stage. Adoring fans singing along to every lyric, lining up for autographs on their T-shirts after the show and jet-setting…

Forced Isolation – The Ultimate Win For Artists?

Are you an artist? Could you be missing out on the greatest opportunity of your life? It happened. What they said never would. The virus that was ‘under control’ now has much of the world on its knees. Some of us feel like goldfish in the fish bowl, watching what can only be described as…

Writers’ block and how to solve it with 2 simple truths

We’ve all been there; freshly made teacup, paper and pen at the ready, expecting our best creative idea to instantly materialise. But as we wonder what to write about, that small slither of disappoint begins to wedge its way in and we end our planned songwriting session early with the excuse ‘I must have writer’s…

Why lyrics and music need to work together

I used to think lyrics didn’t matter at all. I’d write whatever junk came to mind (which my mind is full of) and write it down as completed, justifying my work based on the attitude of much of Kurt Cobain’s work (Nirvana), who’s apathetic approach saw him quickly become one of the world’s greatest songwriters…