Once Mid Way Through This Process, Begin Reaching Out To Management To Continue Building Your Ideal Team!

When meeting with managers, don’t be afraid to decline an offer. It’s usually more about trust than it is about experience, although experience helps. Just remember to use your instincts as well as being logical about the decision. Remember, it is primarily a business relationship and you need to know that they will contribute value to your career in order to justify their 20% commission (standard). Also balance this perspective against the reality than in the early days, 20% will usually be extremely small, meaning that without any real profit potential, the time a manager gives you is literally an investment of time they’re choosing to make into your career, more than a cash-earning exercise. Respecting that time spent on your behalf is important, but doesn’t void the personal responsibility you have for your own career. As part of that respect, care for them as best as possible, especially in these early days while they are not making any money from your career. Depending on your gigs, the way you show care for them may be the only substantial form of payment they receive for some time! 

The main lesson is that no one else is more responsible for your career than you. Not managers, not producers, not your parents – not anybody else! You have all the skills and knowledge you need to go out and make a success of this business – any other skills and/or knowledge you don’t currently possess you can learn along the way. Don’t make excuses when you could be making progress. Each day is your chance to show the world who you are and it often starts by doing the necessary things, not just the exciting things. Commit to being the type of person that plans your days and gets things done. If you consistently apply effort in the areas outlined in this course, not only will you be making money from this industry, not only will you build an incredible community of like-minded positive people around you to help, but you will potentially find a lifelong career that inspires a global generation of fans who sing your music, long after you’ve stopped to let your voice rest! If you haven’t already, commit to defining why you want this career and use that newfound purpose to filter your decisions as you go. 

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